International Law in the Post-Cold War World: Essays in Memory of Li Haopei

Sienho Yee & Wang Tieya (eds.);  **bios of editors and all contributors

On April 5, 2001, published by Routledge , London & New York

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Reviewed in 42 Virginia Journal of International Law (Fall 2001), 363 (“International Law in the Post-Cold War World is a powerful collection honoring a great jurist and presenting critical new perspectives on the backdrop of history, theory and practice in the evolution of international law”); Netherlands ILR 2003, 211 (posted with permission).


List of abbreviations
List of contributors
A Eulogy for Judge Li Haopei, by Antonio Cassese
My Friend Li Haopei, by Wang Tieya
Li Haopei: a biography
Li Haopei: a bibliography

I. Trends and Perspectives

1. Shifting Paradigms of International Law and World Order in an Era of Historical Transition
Edward McWhinney
2. Towards an International Law of Co-progressiveness
Sienho Yee

II. Sources of Law

3. The Contribution of the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia to the Ascertainment of General Principles of Law Recognized by the Community of Nations
Antonio Cassese
4. Opinio Juris: A Key Concept in International Law that Is Much Misunderstood
Bin Cheng
5. Judicial Decisions as a Source of International Law and the Defence of Duress in Murder or Other Cases Arising from Armed Conflict
Bing Bing Jia

III. Substance and Theories of Law

6. The Concept of "War Crimes"
Georges Abi-Saab
7. A New Area of International Law: The Protection of Maritime Cultural Property
Kaare Bangert
8. IMF Governance, the Asian Financial Crisis, and the New International Financial Architecture
Bartram S. Brown
9. Passing the Baton: The Delegation of Security Council Enforcement Powers from Kuwait to Kosovo
Simon Chesterman
10. State Responsibility for Violations of Human Rights
Wladyslaw Czaplinski
11. Russia and International Human Rights
Gennady M. Danilenko
12. Responsibility of States and Individuals for International Crimes
Vladimir-Djuro Degan
13. China and the Principle of Sovereign Equality in the 21st Century
Gao Feng
14. The Legality of NATO's Military Action in Kosovo: Is There a Right of Humanitarian Intervention?
Christine Gray
15. Immunity and "Double Criminality": General Augusto Pinochet before the House of Lords
John R.W.D. Jones
16. The Use of the Term "(Public) Morality" in the European Convention on Human Rights: A Brief History
Santiago Legarre
17. International Legal Issues Arising in the Kosovo Crisis
Vaughan Lowe
18. Content and Contours of Genocide, Crimes Against Humanity, and War Crimes
Jordan J. Paust
19. The Legal Qualification of the Conflicts in the Former Yugoslavia: Double Standards or New Horizons for International Humanitarian Law?
Marco Sasṣli
20. Monitoring the Convention against Racial Discrimination in the Post-Cold War Context
Theo van Boven
21. General Principles of Law regarding the Protection of Minorities
Budislav Vukas
22. Sovereignty in Global Economic Integration: A Chinese Prospective
Guiguo Wang
23. The Doctrine of Command Responsibility as Applied to Civilian Leaders: The ICTR and the Kayishema Case
Zhu Wenqi

IV. Courts and Adjudication

24. The International Protection of Human Rights: Experiences with the European Court of Human Rights
Rudolf Bernhardt
25. The International Court of Justice and Human Rights in the 1990's --Linking Peace and Justice through the Right to Life
Ross Garland
26. The Supervision of the Execution of Judgments of the European Court of Human Rights
Ronald St. J. Macdonald
27. Judicial Procedures and the Protection of Human Rights: The European Context
Peter Malanczuk
28. Challenges to Indictments in International Criminal Trials
Richard May
29. Contributions of the International Criminal Tribunals to the Development of Substantive International Humanitarian Law
Gabrielle Kirk McDonald
30. The Competence of a Tribunal to Deny its Existence
Mohamed Shahabuddeen
31. The ICJ's Jurisdiction in the Legality of Use of Force Cases
Jianming Shen

V. Appendix

Jus Cogens and International Law
Li Haopei