Virginia Journal of International Law

42    Virginia JIL 363 (2001)


Fall 2001




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Sienho Yee & Wang Tieya (Eds.), International Law in the Post-Cold War World: Essays in Memory of Li Haopei, (London: Routledge, 2001), Pp. xxix, 529.

This collection of essays, complete with an English translation of Li Haopei's article entitled "Jus cogens and international law," honors the prescience and spirit of Judge Li Haopei, renowned legal scholar and Former Appeals Chamber Judge on the International Criminal Tribunals for both the Former Yugoslavia and Rwanda. Fellow scholars, former clerks, pupils and fellow judges have all contributed to this work, recounting and expounding on theories developed and shared with the great jurist during the eve of his life.

The volume opens with an identification of trends and perspectives built around the concept of "co-progressiveness," a theory that seeks to recapture aspects of international cooperation and coexistence that have been increasingly marginalized in scholarly discussions of globalization in the post-Cold War world. The essays then expand on this theme through detailed analyses of the ways a jurisprudence of international criminal law contributes to the exploration and expansion of the moral and ethical aspects of private international law. Professor Yee identifies the ultimate goal of this undertaking is to promote "human flourishing." International Law in the Post- Cold War World is a powerful collection honoring a great jurist and presenting critical new perspectives on the backdrop of history, theory and practice in the evolution of international law.