Sienho Yee (


Select Outside Lectures, Presentations and Remarks on international law topics (given in English unless otherwise noted):



(53) Xiamen University Institute on South China Sea Studies (International Symposium on New Developments in the Law of the Sea), presentation on “The Sponsoring States advisory opinion and applicable law in the ITLOS” (24 April 2014).


(52) Rhodes Forum “Dialogue of Civilizations”, plenary session presentation on “competition between and among intrinsic and instrumental values in competing visions of the world” (5 October 2013).


(51) Participation in the Tokyo Session of the Institut de droit international (September 2013), becoming membre titulaire upon the close of the session.


(50) China Institute on Maritime Affairs conference on South China Sea, presentation on dispute settlement under UNCLOS (July 2013).


(49) ICRC Regional Workshop, presentation on universal jurisdiction and chairing of a workshop on the same topic (June 2013), Beijing.


(48) American Society of International Law, 2013 Annual Meeting, Panel on “Domestic Treatment of Universal Jurisdiction”, presentation titled “A Call for a More Rigorous Assessment of Universal Jurisdiction” (5 April 2013), Washington, DC.


(47) Shanghai Jiaotong University Law School 10th Anniversary Lecture Series, The operation of some arguments by analogy in international law (30 November 2012).


(46) ICRC Expert Consultation on Universal Jurisdiction, presentation and chairing of a workshop (November 2012).


(45) Rhodes Forum “Dialogue of Civilizations” (4 October 2012), first plenary session, presentation titled “The International Law of Co-progressiveness and the Co-progressiveness of Civilizations”.


(44) ILA Study Group on UN Reform, ILC Sofia Conference, Presentation of the Final Report on ICJ Reform (28 August 2012); and also Committee on Baselines.


(43) The Hague Academy of International Law, special course titled “Jus cogens at the International Court of Justice” (July 2012).


(42) Oxford Public International Law Discussion Group, presentation titled “The Presidency of the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea and the ‘National State Extension’ Concern” (17 November 2011).


(41) Participation in the Rhodes Session of the Institut de droit international (September 2011).


(40) Plenary Speaker, presentation titled “Asia and International Law: a New Era of Co-progressiveness”, Asian Society of International Law Biannual Conference, Beijing (27 August 2011).


(39) Singapore National University Centre for International Law Conference: panel presentation titled Joint Development Arrangements between China and Vietnam and between China and Japan; and Plenary Panel on “The Way Forward” (17 June 2011).


(38) International Conference on Maritime Security (Korea Maritime Institute, Korea Coast Guard, KORDI, Northeast History Foundation), presentation titled “The ICJ Judgment in Maritime Delimitation in the Black Sea” (26 May 2011). 


(37) Macau Government, Bureau of Law Reform and International Law, 2 lectures (April 2011).


(36) Macau University, Lecture on “The International Law Mindset” (April 2011).


(35) Hong Kong University, Lecture on State Immunities and the Congo Case (March 2011).


(34) German Southeast Asian Center for Excellence for Public Policy and Good Governance (22-23 January 2011), on “ambiguous defenses” under the Rome Statute of the ICC.


(33) Korea International Seminar on International Dispute Settlement, presentation titled “Preparatory Work in the LaGrand case” (September 2010).


(32) The ILA, The Hague Conference, Preliminary Report on ICJ Reform Proposals, before the Study Group on UN Reform (August 2010).


(31) The Hague Week at the Dutch Pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo: Keynote Speech (June 2010), sustainable development and China.


(30) Hong Kong Department of Justice (International Law Division) (2010: 3 lectures).


(29) UN/Chinese Foreign Ministry Workshop on the Law of Treaties (2009: 2 lectures) on member responsibility and dynamic interpretation of vague phrases in treaties.


(28) The Hague Academy of International External Programme, Beijing (2009) on the law and policy of the environmental impact statement.


(27) Guangdong Provincial CCP Party School, Friday Lecture, 27 November 2009, on the Perfect Rule of Law (in Chinese).


(26) University of Vienna Law Faculty (Conference on "Challenging Acts of International Organizations before National Courts", 7-8 Sept 2009): Questioning the Lending Policies of International Financial Institutions before National Courts.


(25) Participation in the Naples Session of the Institut de droit international, 5-11 Sept 2009, upon election as membre associé.


(24) Asian Society of International Law, Tokyo Conference (August 2009), as commentator at the plenary on the promotion of the international law of co-progressiveness.


(23) Fudan University Institute for Advanced Studies in Social Sciences and International Social Science Council (4 July 2009): The Chinese Journal of International Law as a Journal of China Studies (yee20090704a,


(22) Tsinghua Law School/New York University Law School (22 May 2009): Member State's Responsibility for the Conduct of an International Organization?


(21) World Bank Headquarters, The Legal Vice Presidency (26 March 2009): Member State's Responsibility for the Conduct of an International Organization?


(20) Cyprus University (Conference on “Transnational Public Interest Litigation in Domestic Courts” (31 Oct 2008): The Medellin Case in the US Supreme Court.


(19) First ILDC Colloquium (sponsored by EU, Amsterdam University, and Oxford University Press), Chairman of the Panel on the Rule of Law, The Hague (28 March 2008).


(18) Romanian Foreign Ministry and Bucharest University (March 2008) on member responsibility and the “multilateralness” of the ICC.


(17) Hong Kong University (September & November 2007) on (1) democracy and international law and (2) on implementation of international law in China.


(16) Xiamen Academy of International Law (July 2007), on Article 38(1)(d) of the ICJ Statute.


(15) Innsbruck University Institute of Philosophy (2007), on the international law of co-progressiveness.


(14) Renmin University (June 2007), on “member responsibility” (in Chinese mostly).


(13) United Nations Administrative Tribunal Seminar: concluding remarks (2007).


(12) Rockefeller Bellagio Center, Italy (2006), on ICC.


(11) United Nations Institute for Training and Research Summer Institute (2005), as commentator, “softer measures for peace”.


(10) New York University Law School Hauser Scholars Group (April 2005).


(9) Thessaloniki Institute of International Law and Relations (Sept. 2003 for one week), Standing according to the International Court of Justice and the International Law Commission.


(8) United Nations University Conference (2003), on regional perspectives and regional mechanisms on enforcement of human rights law.


(7) Japanese Society of International Law, International Symposium (2003), on concept of human rights in Asia.


(6) Conference in celebration of the 300th anniversary of the founding of St Petersburg, Russia, organized by the Law Faculty of the St Petersburg State University and the Russian Association of International Law (June 2003), on forum prorogatum (Forum prorogatum returns to the International Court of Justice).


(5) Waseda University Graduate School of Law, Tokyo (2001) on Article 16 of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court.


(4) Peking University Law School, Beijing (100th anniversary of the founding celebration, 2004 (in Chinese); previously 2001), on the perfect rule of law.


(3) Chicago-Kent College of Law (guest lecturer 2000), on human rights.


(2) Oxford Public International Law Group (2000 (at the Old Library, All Souls College) on Opinio juris; and Nov. 1999, on judicial review of UNSC decisions).


(1) Cambridge University at an LLM seminar (by Dr. C.D. Gray) (1998), on the ICTY.