International Crime and Punishment: Selected Issues: Volume Two

Edited by Sienho Yee


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June 28, 2004




This volume consists of research papers written under Editor Sienho Yee's supervision at the University of Colorado School of Law. The papers address interesting and difficult issues relating to substantive international crimes and the international regimes of punishment. Issues discussed include the Rome Statute and the crystallization of the norm proscribing statutes of limitations for serious international crimes; acts of terrorism as crimes against humanity under the Rome Statute; the balance between military necessity and civilian immunity; juvenile death penalty under international law; the practical applications of Ne Bis in Idem; and the possible federalization of the crime of torture. This volume is of great value to scholars and practitioners in international law and international relations, international criminal law, and to N.G.O. advocates.


Table of Contents:


Preface and Acknowledgments

List of Abbreviations

Mitchell Page, Article 29 of the Rome Statute as a Crystallization of Customary International Law, 1

Francine Guesnier, Acts of Terrorism as Crimes Against Humanity Under the Rome Statute, 55

Eric Jaworski, "Military Necessity" and "Civilian Immunity": Where is the Balance?, 87

Corina Gerety, The Status of the Prohibition on the Imposition of the Death Penalty on Juvenile Offenders Under International Law, 129

Sure Log, The Practical Applications of Ne Bis in Idem in International Criminal Law, 169

Ryan Gill, The Federalization of the Crime of Torture: An Analysis of the Constitutional and International Law Issues, 205